Dayton’s Smile Doctor

Miami Valley Prosthodontics provides specialty dental care. Our expertise is in implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry. Miami Valley Prosthodontics can restore optimum appearance to your teeth.


Everyone deserves a healthy smile. You can trust us to carefully evaluate your dental health and develop a solution that meets your needs. Our practice specializes in prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and veneers. We have an in-house laboratory and ceramic technician. We use digital technology and machines to fabricate your new teeth when technology is the right solution. We hand craft your smile when an artistic touch is the best solution. Most of our work combines the best of digital technology with the best of human technology. We work closely with other specialist dentists which results in a unique open communication collaboration. We believe in delivering the best dentistry can offer.

Office Hours

Monday9am – 5pm
Tuesday8am – 5pm
Wednesday8am – 5pm
Thursday8am – 4pm

For appointments call 937-426-5411 (option 1) or email

Patient Reviews

“Staff was very helpful. Appointment was made as soon as possible. I would recommend Dr. McMillan many times. Office nice and clean. Staff was very kind. ”


“This has been wonderful! Had several problems before – all taken care of now. Learning to smile again!”


“I really like Dr. McMillan and her staff a lot. Everyone is so sweet and has a great disposition. I love the service and definitely my teeth. I would recommend to anyone to come here. They’re so nice and will take great care of you any way they can. ”


“I’m so happy that I decided to go through implanting and crowning procedures. After many years of not being able to chew correctly, with my back teeth I went to Dr. McMillan. With her care and changing my bite, I am now able to do so. Thanks for giving me back my smile! My front teeth look better, larger, and whiter than ever! I’m a fan! ”


“After my car accident June 5, 95 I had broken my teeth out from the steering wheel. I have had a broken jaw with nuts, bolts, and screws to fix my gums. I had dentures made and they never, in 15 years fit, for which fixadent was “gluing them in”. I came to Valerie McMillan prostodincs in Beavercreek Ohio. She worked on new dentures for me until they fit! I cried. I thought I would never would have dentures that would. Thanks to Dr. McMillan I have beautiful dentures that FIT!!! Many thanks goes to her. If you have problems with your dentures PLEASE go to Dr. McMillan. You will be satisfied – trust me – she won’t stop working on them until they DO fit. God bless you Dr. McMillan I will never forget this blessing you have brought to me. ”


“Everyone was very friendly. Impressed by how fast everyone was. I’m in love with my dentures, and they fit the first time! I am already referring people to come here for new dentures! Everytime I had an adjustment, it would only take one day instead of weeks. Everything was quick and correct. ”